9+ Professional Two Weeks’ Notice Template 2023

March 22, 2023

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Welcome to the two weeks notice template. Are you planning to quit your job? You need to follow a proper procedure as we go through several steps to get the job. Before quitting a job, a formal letter has been submitted to the employer to inform them that you want to quit the job. This letter is prepared two weeks earlier so it’s called a two-week notice letter.

In this article, you will choose a well-suited two-week notice template from the list. Despite designing a two weeks notice template, make sure to save time while downloading these two weeks’ notice templates. It’s also called a resignation letter. WPS office software is a well-known website for providing amazing & well-organized two weeks notice templates. Choose from the list given below:

1. Resignation Application Form Word Template:

This is a free two weeks notice template that allows you to edit the reason for leaving. Additionally, there is an option for departmental opinion. HR can also edit the remarks.

2. Red Color Resignation Form Word Template:

Look at this office two weeks notice template in red color which allows you to present information in a well-organized way. Moreover, this is an easy-to-understand template.

3. Business Resignation Application Word Template:

This template lets you write a two weeks notice template for your resignation file in a quite simple way. It is best to download when you want to present data in free text.

4. Warm Color Resignation Letter Word Template:

Grab this warm color two weeks notice template from this website which represents data in a quite simple and understandable way.  You can download and customize it easily.

5. Resignation Certificate Form Word Template:

Grab this online two weeks notice template which represents data in a tabular form. You can stand out by customizing this elegant & well-organized template.

6. Resignation Certificate Word Template:

Why not download this sample two weeks notice template that represents data minimally? Additionally, it reflects a good impression due to its clear & concise structure.  

7. Black & White Resign Words Word Template:

Make sure to download this simple black & white two weeks notice template in which you can represent data minimalistically and allows you to fill it with free text.

8. Simple Resign Words Word Template:

Submit this sophisticated two weeks notice template before quitting your job. It makes you look professional and formal in front of the employer.

9. Simple Leave Application Word Template:

To maintain the decorum of an organization, Always present a formal two weeks notice template document that covers the points of leaving an organization.

10. Resign Application Form Excel Template:

If you want a tabular form two weeks notice template, here you go. You can freely download this sample document that allows you to quit an organization positively.

Grab professional two weeks notice templates from WPS Office:

Two-week notice template is a document template that is prepared before quitting an organization. It showcases the reason along with the joining date and leaving date. WPS office software is a website that is saturated with millions of free templates. That can be downloaded by a single click. If you want to explore more, download the WPS office software.