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Design the article layout in the Home-Settings

Uploaded time: January 27, 2022 Difficulty Beginner

Design the article layout in the Home-Settings

Design the article layout in the Home-Settings

When designing the layout of the document, we often need to set the text font, paragraph settings, and heading style.

In WPS Writer, these frequently used typesetting tools are collected in the Settings button under the Home tab.

Font setting

Take this document as an example. We need to set the text format.

Press the shortcut Ctrl+A to select the whole document, and click Font.

We can change Font, Font style, Size, Colorand other parameters of the text.

In the Effect area under the Font tab, we can set different text effects.

For example, add Strikethrough to the text, make characters All caps, and so on. In the Preview region below, we can preview the result.

To change the improper character spacing, we can head to the Character Spacing tab to set Scale, Spacing, and Position.

Paragraph setting

If you want to set the paragraph format of the text, click Paragraph to set the alignment and indentation of the paragraph, and the spacing between lines before and after the paragraph.

In the General area, you can set the alignment of paragraphs. In most cases, we can also directly click the shortcut button of alignment in the functional area under the Home tab.

At the Indentation,  you can set the indentation value before and after the text.

For example, we need to indent the first line of all paragraphs with four characters. We can press Ctrl+A to select the entire text, go to the Paragraph dialog box, click the Special drop-down button, select First Line, and enter 4.

At the Spacing,  we can adjust the spacing between lines before and after the paragraph.

Click the Line spacing drop-down button to customize the spacing between lines, making the text more comfortable visually.

Style and format setting

If there are many contents, chapters and levels of the document, setting the format of the title separately will inevitably affect the work efficiency. Therefore, we can click Style and Format to quickly set the format.

Take this file as an example, we can select the title, and add a built-in style to it.

After setting the style, we can also automatically grade the article to make it more  hierarchical and logical.

Head to the Section tab, and click the Section Navigation Pane button to pop up the navigation pane on the left. Here we can browser the chapter-level structure of the whole article and accurately locate the content.

If the built-in style effects cannot fulfill your demands, you can click the New Style button to create new styles.

Then, the newly created styles will appear in the right pane. You can right-click to Modify or Delete as needed.

To restore the article to the default format, simply click the Clear Format button.

Note: this operation will clear all format in the entire document.

The above is the relevant settings about typesetting, did you get it?

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