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How to add background to PDF files

Uploaded time: September 27, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

How to add background to PDF files

How to add background to PDF files

When we are editing PDF documents, if the entire white layout is too simple, we can add a nice background. Let's learn the tips for beautifying PDF files with WPS Academy.

Take this document as an example. Click the Insert tab, the Background drop-down menu, and then click Add Background. In the dialog box, we can add pure color background to the document, or customize the background image. Click Browse and select a suitable picture from the computer.

In Surface, we can adjust the rotate direction, transparency and relative page proportion of the background image as needed. In the preview window on the right, we can see the real-time effect after adjustment.

According to the different layout of each page of the document, we can also fine-tune the position of the background image.

Now, I want to set the background image for the inside page. In the Vertical box, choose Center. In the Apply box, click Custom and enter 2-17. Then we can check the preview effect.  

Finally, click OK.

You must have discovered that this function can only insert a background image. If we want to set a different background image for other pages, what should we do?

Click Add pictures and place the pictures in a suitable position.At this time, a shortcut operation interface will pop up on the right side, and we can make general settings for the picture, such as adjusting opacity, rotation, clip, etc.

If the inserted picture obscures the text, we can put the picture on the bottom layer so that the picture is below the text.

For all, easy your work with WPS PDF. Did you get it?

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