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How to adjust the transparency of background in WPS Office PowerPoint

July 31, 2023

Wondering how to create exquisite PPT? Still searching for skills in clearlypresenting your ideas on slides? Welcome to WPS Official Academy! After reading this quick tutorial, you will definitely master how to adjust the transparency of background in WPS Office PowerPoint.

lSteps to adjust the transparency of background in WPS Office PowerPoint

1. Open the ppt in WPS Office, and locate the slide whose background transparency isto be changed.

2. Locate the vertical toolbar on the right and click Object Formatting to activate the pane.

3. In the newly-open pane, we can view the inserted background image. In the Transparency area, drag the small triangle or enter a value to modify the transparency.


4. (Optional) You can click the Apply to all button to change the background transparency of all slides.

image (1).gif

It's quite easy to master how to adjust the transparency of background in WPS Office PowerPoint, while practice is the true trial. Have a try now!

Afterlearninghowto adjust the transparency of background,ifyou want to explore more skills enabling you to make more attractive slides, please visit our official site for the collection of video and graphic tutorials. Click and jump quickly!

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lWhat is WPS Office Presentation?

WPS Office Presentation is a powerful slide designing tool launched by WPS Office, which is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint. WPS Presentation provides plenty of commonly used functions, ranging from basic to advanced. In addition to adjusting background transparency,you can also add animations, transitions, motions, etc. Additionally, several unique features boosting your productivity, such as Screen Recorder and File Collect, are available to the users without charge.

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