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How to apply header only on first page

July 22, 2022

Header also known as a page header is a separate section carrying text that may be a chapter tiles, page numbers,dates or authors name etc written on the top of the page.By default the content on  header remain the same for the entire document unless set otherwise.Hence sometimes you require to insert header only on the first page. Headers play vital role in search engine optimization and also serve users and search engine that just scan the  headings and find out the information

There are different ways to apply header only on the first page but the apply through ticking check box is the simple,easy and time saving method.You can apply this function on mac 2010,2013 and 2016.This document helps you tom apply header only on the first page of any document having multiple pages,so without wasting time lets start to learn how to apply header only on first page of WPS word.

How to apply header only on the first page in WPS word document?

Steps involved in applying header only to the first page of WPS word document.

1.Open your WPS word document.

2. Select insert on the ribbon and then Header and footer.

3.Select header option and footer option

4.Click the header text bar and write down the title and page number.By selecting the text a toolbar opens,that allow the changes like font size and alignment  etc.

5.Select your different first page option.

6.Click OK.

How to Change header only on first page of WPS word?

Sometimes  you need to add further information or to delete something from the top of your WPS word document ,so you donot need to be worry about that you just have to follow the following simple steps to make changes you want.

1. To change or remove header,double click on the header area.

2. Check the different first page option,to conform, it is selected. If not selected,first click different first page,and then remove of change the content on the header.

3. Click header and footer in order to make changes.

4. On clicking Close the header will be removed.


How to apply header only on the first page in WPS google doc?

1. Open your google doc.

2.Click on the insert,select header from header and footer portion.

3. Insert the title on the top of page.

4. After writing title,click option and  select header format.

5. Click on the different first page.

6. Click on apply.


Applying of Header only on  first page is powerful function.This can eliminate the chance of duplicate headers when a word document is downloaded and printed. Inserting header to only first page will customize and increase readability of your document. We are here to help and for more practice and any kind of need, like this you can visit our WPS Academy.You should also download and use WPS office to edit Power point, PDF, Excel, and Word documents.

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