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How to Change Sheet Name in Excel Sheet with Shortcut

July 22, 2022

Excel is one of the most commonly used software around the globe. It is software that helps not just organizations but other individuals. Its function of organizing, analyzing, and providing tables by varying data is remarkable. Moreover, the software has both basic and advanced functions to it, as it is all about accommodating its users and providing them with the quickest solution. And with its shortcut keys, it creates efficiency for its user to finish their work two times faster than usual.

The Software has a default setting of naming its spreadsheet as a sheet as sheet1, Sheet2 and so it goes on. But, Excel gives its users a function to change the name of their sheet according to their needs. As this software lets the user put their data in a proper format.

So, changing the sheet name according to your desire has various easy methods available and which are mentioned below.

Manage to Change the sheet name directly


Excel is well known for many of its functions and especially its default setting as it by default gives a name for its sheet tabs which you can find at the bottom. And now, if you want to change the defaulted name. Then from there, you can directly change the name of your sheet just by double-clicking on the given sheet tab icon and you can easily rename it.


Manage to Change the Sheet Name using the Cell Function

Excel always wants its user to work efficiently and therefore it allows you to get quick information about the specific cell in which a function has been acquired.

It allows you to have a complete file name due to the usage of the formula.

Below is the formula is given which I have used in a cell of theJUNEworksheet.


Note: The excel spreadsheet should be saved on your PC for this formula to work or else excel will give you an error over this formula.


  1. Now, Excel has given the entire description of my document, and we are supposed to extract the sheet name.

  1. For extraction we are supposed to find the position of the ending square bracket ([), 

  1. We are going to use the find function and its formula is:


  1. Knowing the position of the bracket, we are going to use the len function to get the number of characters that we want to extract. Its formula is:





  1. So, we know that we are supposed to extract four characters from the cell. For that we are using the RIGHT function, its function is:













Congratulations! You know now how to change your sheet name.

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