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How to crop a PDF file

Uploaded time: February 16, 2022 Difficulty Beginner

How to crop a PDF file

How to crop a PDF file

When editing a PDF, sometimes we may only need part of the content in the file. At this time, we can use the Crop feature of PDF to enlarge the key content and hide the secondary information.

Take this file as an example.

Click Tools, then select Crop in the Viewwindow. Drag the gray circle icon to edit the crop area. Then click OK, now we have cropped all pages in this PDF.

If the cropping ratio is inappropriate, we can also Redo or adjust the cropping ratio again.

We can also check Flip Clipping Region on Mirrored Pages.  Select the specified clipping region on the current page, then WPS Office will flip the clipping region of this page and use this as a standard to crop the next page. For example, if we select the cropping area on the first page, we can see the cropping area of the next page is the mirrored flipped area of the first page.

The PDF Crop feature in WPS Office for PC is more diverse and convenient, and we can set the page crop size and crop page number accurately. You can download WPS Office for PC to use it.

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