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How to insert a text box in Spreadsheet

Uploaded time: February 16, 2022 Difficulty Intermediate

How to insert a text box in Spreadsheet

How to insert a text box in Spreadsheet

The inserted text in a table may be limited by cells. At this time, the text box can become your first choice to beautify your texts.

It is rather simple to insert a text box. Click the Insert tab, then select the Text Box drop-down button.

You can choose Horizontal Text Box and Vertical Text Box,and the difference lies in the arrangement direction for text.

You can benefit from two sides.

First, the text box can be dragged at your will.

For example, there are multiple paragraphs of text in this cell. If I want to center the second paragraph of text separately, I can only type the space before the second paragraph, which is very troublesome.

Click the Horizontal Text Box button, then you can draw a text box to enter texts.

Go to the Drawing Tools tab, then click the Shape Outline drop-down button, where we can make the border transparent by clicking No Outline. Then, we can drag it to the appropriate position in a convenient way.

Second, set various effects to the text box.

The text typed in table cells cannot be presented as WordArt,while text box can make up for it.

Select the text and click Text Effects on the ribbon. At this time, you can choose from several built-in text effects in WPS Spreadsheet.

Such as Shadow, Reflection and 3-D Rotation.

On the left side of the ribbon, there are some set WordArt styles, and we can select one of them.

Click the More Text Effects button to adjust the effect parameters to achieve personalized effects.

In the pop-up window on the right, click TEXT FILL&OUTLINE and select a font color we want at Color.

Next, let's continue to master some basic settings for the text box.

Click TEXT BOX in the right pane, and we can set different alignment methods at Vertical alignment.

For example, if we select the Bottom Centered, then the paragraph will be centered at the bottom of the text box.

Here, Text direction and Text margin are also available to set.

Then, click the texts inside the text box, and make them larger and bold. Now just drag the text box to an appropriate position.

Click the Print Preview button, then you can have a preview for the adjusted content.

There are three options at TEXT BOX, and I will show you their different effects in turn.

The size of the text box determines the text range, and we often need to manually size it.

Check Resize shape to fit text. and the text box will automatically adjust to the appropriate size according to the content.

Check Allow text to overflow shape, then the text will not be limited by the text box, and will present all contents automatically even the contents that are out of the text box;

Check Wrap text in shape, then when the entered text reaches the edge of the text box, the text will automatically wrap.

This is all about text box in WPS Spreadsheet. Did you get it?

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