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How to quickly set the font style

Uploaded time: September 27, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

How to quickly set the font style

How to quickly set the font style

In the process of making WPS Presentation, we can set the font of slides to standardize the style. Take this file as an example. Select the content you need to set the font, click the right mouse button, and then click Font in the shortcut menu. In the pop-up dialog box, we can set the Font, Size, Effects and so on.001.gif

We can set the font types in the Asian text font box and Latin text font box. In the Font style box, we can set the style of the selected content, such as Regular, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic. Setting Size can change the size of the selected content.002.gif

In the All text box, we can set the Font color, Underline style and Underline color as required.003.gif

In the Effects box, here we can set a variety of effects to the text, such as Equalize Character Height, All Caps and so on. Next, I will give you a practical demonstration.

When entering a heading or book title, we will use the All Caps effects to emphasize the text. At this time, we just need to select the text content, enter the Font dialog box, and check All Caps in the Effects box.004.gif

Sometimes for aesthetic and special typographic needs, we can also open the Font dialog box and check Equalize Character Height in the Effect box.005.gif

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