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How to use an excel spreadsheet

July 26, 2022

Excel is an extremely sophisticated programs that may help extract meaningful insights from large volumes of data. However, it is also an excellent tool for doing simple computations and keeping tabs on almost any sort of information. The grid of cells is what has to be unlocked and you must know that how to use an excel spreadsheet in order to access all of that potential.

Formulas, text, and numbers may all be entered into cells. After placing the data in the appropriate cells, you organize them into rows and columns. This enables you to do operations such as adding up your data, sorting and filtering it, putting it in tables, and creating charts that look fantastic. Let's go through the fundamental steps so you can get that how to use an excel spreadsheet.

How to use an excel spreadsheet: Create a new workbook

Workbooks are Excel files. Sheets, or spreadsheets, may be found in each worksheet. A workbook may have as many sheets as you desire, or if you want, you can create a new workbook to keep your data organized.

1. Open WPS office and click on spreadsheets.

2. Once you click on spreadsheets you will have Blank and various template which are ready to use you can select the template of your choice or click on blank.

3. As you choose blank the blank workbook will open and ready to use.

How to use an excel spreadsheet: Enter Your Data

1.Click on the empty cell.

2. Cell A1 on a new sheet, for example. Cell A1 is located in the first row of column A on the sheet, and is hence referred to as cell A1.

3. Type the number or text in cell.

4. Simply press inter once you have interred the number in cell and want to enter number into next cell.

How to use an excel spreadsheet: Create a simple formula

Excel's capabilities extend much beyond simple addition, and the program can do a variety of other mathematical operations as well. To add, subtract, multiply, or divide your numbers, you may try using these simple formulae.

Select the cell and then type and equal (=) this will indicate to excel that the selected cell contain formula.

Input a series of digits followed by one or more mathematical operators, such as a plus sign (+) for addition, a negative sign (-) for subtraction, an asterisk (*) for multiplication, or a forward slash (/) for division.

For example, enter =2+4, if you want to plus two or more values =4-2, =2*4, or =4/2.

Press Enter.

This runs the calculation.

Hold CTRL and then Enter if you want that cursor will remain in same cell in which calculation is done.

1. Examples =12+12 enter result will be 24

2. After you press enter.

In this tutorial, the fundamental capabilities of an Excel spreadsheet and how to use an excel worksheet are broken down in detail. On the other hand, if you are interested in finding out more information on the WPS office, please visit the official website for the WPS Academy. Using the free version of WPS Office, which can be downloaded from this website, it is possible to make changes to files in a variety of formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF.

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