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Insert a table into the text & convert between text and table

Uploaded time: August 26, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

Insert a table into the text & convert between text and table

Insert a table into the text & convert between text and table

When we use WPS Document at work, we often need to create a table in order to make the document more organized. But how are we going to make it?

Take this blank document as an example. Click the upper tab Insert-Table. We can choose the corresponding number of rows and columns according to actual needs.For instance, if I want to make a table with 2 rows and 8 columns, just select 2*8 in the table area and click the left mouse button. 

You can also clickInsert-Table-Insert Table. Then theInsert Table dialog box will pop up, and you can set the table size and AutoFit behavior. Enter the number of columns and the number of rows according to your needs, then click OK to insert the table.

If you think that Insert Table cannot let you visually see the size of the inserted table in the text, you can choose to useDraw Table. Click Insert-Table-Draw table, and the mouse cursor will change to a p data-imgw=720 data-imgh=405 data-src="//res-academy.cache.wpscdn.com/images/412dd5b9207fb9309f031c04b6272675.gif" data-test="skks" style="max-width: 100%; width: 720px; max-height: 405px; height: calc(100vw *(405/720)); text-align:center;" >

What if we want to convert the document to a table?

Let's suppose that these are the names of items that our company needs to purchase. So how can we compile them as a table?

We find that the names of the items are separated by spaces. Then what we only need to do is to select the text content, click Insert-Table-Convert Text to Table. In the Convert Document to Table dialog box, we can set the Table Size and Separate Text at respectively. Because the names of the items are all separated by spaces, we just need to selectSpace in the Separate Text at-and then click OK.

Similarly, if the text is separated by a comma, then we should choose Commas. Also, if the original text is separated by paragraphs, we should select Paragraphs in the Separate Text at.

Then, how can we convert the table to text?

Select the table area, clickInsert-Table-Convert Table to Text. In the popup dialog box, set the text separator as needed, then click OK. There you have successfully converted the table into text. This skill could be also used in Microsoft Office Word and Openoffice.

What a practical skill! Did you get it?

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