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Introduction to Handout Master

Uploaded time: November 23, 2021 Difficulty Intermediate

Introduction to Handout Master

Introduction to Handout Master

When we need to print the content of slides as handouts, we can use the Handout Master feature.It mainly helps us standardize the style of handouts, and we can add header and footer, date and time, and other elements to the handouts.

Click the View tab above, and click Handout Master to enter the Slide Editing mode.001.gif

We can change the paper orientation by clicking the Handout Orientation button. Here are two options for us: Landscape and Portrait.002.gif

We can also set the slide aspect ratio in the Slide Size drop-down button or click Custom Size to set more sizes.

Click Slides Per Page, here we can set the number of slides that a layout contains. We can choose 9 Slides at most.003.gif

We can add or delete the elements shown in the note page by checking or unchecking the Header, Footer, Date, Body, and Page Number.

In addition, we can add pictures, shapes, and other elements to the Handout Master.Click the Insert tab above, and then click Picture. Once the master is set up, we can click Close to return to the slide editing interface.

Finally, click Print in the upper left corner of the screen to enter the Print interface. In the Print What drop-down menu, select Handouts. And click Preview in the lower-left corner, then we can preview the print effect of handouts.

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