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Set Allow Users to Edit Ranges in a protected sheet

Uploaded time: December 6, 2021 Difficulty Intermediate

Set Allow Users to Edit Ranges in a protected sheet

Set Allow Users to Edit Ranges in a protected sheet

As we all know, we can protect the sheet by setting a password. So, can we divide this table into several ranges and set up separate passwords for each range? The answer is yes.

Take this table as an example. This is a student grade table, and we need to set different passwords for each of the three ranges in the table so that the three ranges do not affect each other.

Next, I will show you how to do that.

Click the Review tab and the Allow Users to Edit Ranges button, and click New.

In the pop-up dialog, enter Group 1 in the Title box, set Refer to cells to B3:I10, and set the Range password.

After setting it up, click OK.

We can set the ranges of Group 2 and Group 3 in the same way.

After we complete settings, when we click Protect Sheet, the title ranges that have not been set to Allow Users to Edit Ranges are protected and can not be modified.

When we click the cell in the green range, enter the corresponding password, then we can edit the cell normally.

The more ranges that are allowed to be modified, the more passwords we have to remember.

If we don't want to worry about remembering passwords for each range, we can add Permissions to allow us to edit the specified area without passwords when we add Allow Users to Edit Ranges.

First, we need to enter the Allow Users to Edit Ranges dialog and click Permissions. Here, we can add our computer ID to Group or user names.

Then, we select Allow to allow the user to Edit range without a password, finally click OK.

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