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What are the advantages of the WPS Office

July 3, 2023

Do you learn about the WPS Office? WPS Office is an office software suite that has a Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation and PDF Editor. It is convenient for us in our work and study to use WPS Office. Today, I want to introduce to you what advantages WPS Office's features have by comparing them with some of Microsoft Office's features.

Page number settings in WPS Office

Graduation season approaching, it is annoying to set the paper page number for students. The following is one of the advantages of WPS Office.

In Microsoft Office, we all know the normal method to set the paper page number, which is not only a waste of time but also is troublesome to set the page number to a different format. However, in WPS Office, there is an intelligent and quick way to set the page number format.

Double-click the footer and click the Insert page number Drop-down button. Here, we can set the Format of page number quickly, choose the Position of page number and apply to Entire document, From current page or Current section.

In this way, according to the different requirements of page number format, we can only set the page number of one page or multiple pages at the same time.

Export to PDF and pictures in WPS Office

In some cases, make sure the typesetting of documents do not change when the documents are opened by different software or different computers, we usually convert the Word files into PDF files. Here is another advantage of WPS Office.

In WPS Office, there is a quick way to implement it with the Export to PDF function. Otherwise, in the Tool tab, we can convert documents to pictures, convert the pictures to text or PDF, convert PDF to Word, etc..

Template Store in WPS Office

When our boss asks us to do a presentation about work performance in ten minutes, how can we quickly do logic and elegant PPT that is easy to understand?

 In WPS Office, Template Store has a variety of templates that you can select. By joining the membership of WPS Office, you can enjoy more attractive templates. Knowing so much about the advantages of WPS Office, I can't wait to use WPS Office in work and study.

What is Template Store in WPS Office?

There are all kinds of templates in the Template Store. It has a clear classification according to the components or applications. For example, there are the Word templates, Spreadsheet templates, PPT templates, Work templates, etc.. It is convenient for us in our daily work and study.

If you are interested in more advantages and features about WPS Office, feel free to refer to WPS Academy!

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WPS Office is an office software suite that has Writer, Spreadsheet, PPT and PDF. It is a powerful software to process all kinds of documents, which can be used on PC, Mac, Android and so on.

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