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How to convert text file into excel file in Windows 10

July 22, 2022

Excel plays a vital role in any financial model and it provides easy ways to work under a lot of functions and programs. This updated excel comes up with much more interesting function and built-in formulas through which mankind save time up to 50% and increase the speed of productivity along with their learning skills. These programs are very easy to use.

There are many ways by which we convert text files to excel.

Convert text files to excel via the internet.

To convert text files to excel through the internet we need several steps by which we get our results.

1) The first step is to attach the text file which you want to convert into excel form.

2) When you choose files, the document is ready to convert into excel form like this.

3) The third step is to save the excel file into your respective folder which the file save in excel form and ready to access.

Congratulations, by following all these steps you can easily convert text files into excel form. This is the easiest way to perform this function.

Convert text files to excel in another way.

As we know there are multiple steps to convert text files to excel, now we do this with the other method and to do this function we require some steps and those are below.

1) The first step here is to copy the text from a text file and go to the excel sheet.

2) The second step is to click on the data option which appears on the top of the spreadsheet like this.

3) The third step is to click on the text to the column which appears under the data option, and when you press it a dialog box will pop in which a few options will ask regarding copy text to the column. Mark on the delimited option in the dialog box and after that press Next.

4) The fourth and final step is to click on next again by which your text file will copy in a column like this.

Congratulations, by all these steps you again change your text file into excel form respectively.

How to import text files into Excel.

This is also an option by which we can say that we convert our text file into excel easily, this also needs to perform several steps.

1) Open up the excel sheet and click on the open option which shows on the top of the spreadsheet.

2) When we press on the Menu option more options will open and select the open like this.

3) The third step is to open and 1 dialog box will appear in which you require to open the file but it shows only excel form of files so to open and convert text file you find fil type option which shows in the dialog when you click on it you find many options that in which method you want to open your file click on the top all type files so the text will appear and open it your file will convert to excel form and opened it in a spreadsheet.

So by all these steps, you can easily convert your text file into excel.

You can also find this feature in the latest excel versions 2016/2018/2019 spreadsheet, where you can easily find how to convert text files into Excel.

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