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How to export a table to an image

Uploaded time: January 17, 2022 Difficulty Beginner

How to export a table to an image

How to export a table to an image

When processing table data, we sometimes need to export the table as an image to send the table information to others for viewing.

Take this table as an example. We need to export the contents in the table as an image to send to the leader for review.

Head to the Tools tab, and click Export to Picture. The exported image defaults to Long picture, and the table will export All pages by default in the pop-up dialog.

You can find that the preview interface on the right is incomplete. At this time, you can click the Page Layout tab and click the Page Break Preview button. Then, drag the edge lines to place the preview area on one page to display the preview area fully.

Certainly, no matter how the preview interface looks, it will not affect the eventual export result. All the contents in the worksheet will be exported in a long picture.

In the Watermark section, you can choose different types of watermark from no, Custom, and Default. By default, the average user can create normal-quality long images with one click but with watermarks. After paying the WPS Premium, you can delete or customize the watermarks as needed.

Click Edit Watermark to further edit the watermarks. In the Text area, we can enter the desired contents of the watermark. Also, we can select the color at will in the Color section. If you want to display more distinct watermarks, you can adjust their transparency in the Opacity area.

Furthermore, WPS Spreadsheet provides six built-in Styles of watermark for users to choose from. After selecting the desired style, we can rotate the watermarks in the Rotate area. In the Sizesection, check the Small option, and the watermarks will be smaller, and the number will increase. Likewise, check the Large option to enlarge the watermarks and reduce the number of them.

Finally, we can check Yes in the Tile area so that the watermarks will cover the exported image. And click OK after completing all settings.

Head back to the Export to Picture dialog, and you can set the picture format as needed in the Format section. After subscribing to WPS Premium, you can also select picture quality in the Quality section. Then, check Backup to WPS Cloud, set the save path as needed, and click Export.


This is how we can export the table as a picture. Did you get it?

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