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how to print mirror image in word on mac ?

February 13, 2023

Word offers the best tools, allowing you to insert mirror images easily. This article shows you how to print mirror image in word, either on a sheet, cloth, or flannel. Create a fun image through this program. You will see how easy it is and that it will not take much time, follow these steps and get results.

By having the steps by steps on how to print mirror image in word free, you will see that the work will be much easier. This process should not be a problem. You can apply the affects you want yourself, and you can even duplicate the mirror effect. With the desktop editions that Word offers, you can place an identical image upside-down as if it were the reflection.

How to print mirror image in word 2010?

This program offers a variety of tools where you can make the editions you want. Below is the guide on how to print mirror image in word.

1. To create a mirror image, you should first open the format with the image or insert it in, Insert – Images.

2. With the right button, click on the image; when the options are displayed, select Format Image.

3. When you click on Image Format, you will see the Effects tab on the right side of the window. Click on the 3D Rotation tab to see all its content.

4. Change the degree of Rotation X to 180º. You can write directly in the text box or by clicking on the up or down arrows.

5. Rotating the image 180º will be an exact copy of the original image.

How to enable the mirror print option in word 2016?

Below are the steps of how to print mirror image in word 2016 for your images or documents.

1. Click on File, then Print.

2. The option to print appears. You can select or, in this case, remove the option Print in mirror mode. Finally, select Print.

How to print a mirror image in Word as a document?

Printing a Word document with mirror effects is one of the most used tools. With the guide on how to print mirror image in word, you will know how it works.

1. Open the document you want to edit or write the text, and use the keyboard combination Shift + Windows + S to take a screenshot. Paste the capture with the Ctrl + V combination, go to the top bar, select Format, and then on the Rotate tab.

2. Click on Flip Vertical.

3. Move the text and the image so that they can fit.

How to print mirror image in word 2013 guide is prepared for those who want to learn more about these tools. There is a high variety of articles about the characteristics of Word. You can enter the WSP Academy and follow it. There you will learn much more about other tools that are necessary to know to use this program.

Millions of people use Word since it is the most optimal to carry out any presentation work. The experts created this article with truthful information on how to print mirror image in word a document. By putting these steps into practice, you will see how easy it is to know how to print mirror image in word on mac with mirror effects.

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