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Must-have shortcut tricks in showing slides

Uploaded time: January 20, 2022 Difficulty Beginner

Must-have shortcut tricks in showing slides

Must-have shortcut tricks in showing slides

When showing slides in WPS Presentation, we can greatly improve the efficiency with some shortcut tricks.

lQuickly show slides

When there are multiple slides, and we want to start from the first slide, it's troublesome to find the first slide and click to show. At this time, we can use the shortcut key F5 to quickly realize the operation. For example, now we come to the seventh slide, and you can press F5 to jump back to the first slide.

To directly start from the current slide, use the shortcut Shift+F5.

Moreover, we can jump to the desired slide as needed using the shortcut Number+Enter when displaying.For example, now we come to the second slide, and we can press 5+Enter to jump to slide 5.


lQuickly stop displaying

To quickly stop showing slides, we can press the ESC key or the minus key.


lQuickly display black or white screen

When we want to pause the show but not exit the show, we can use the shortcut key B to enter the all-black page state and press again to exit the black screen and return to continue the slide show.


Likewise, we can use the shortcut W to enter the white screen and press again to exit.


Note that we can only use this shortcut function when the automatic show function is not activated.

lHide the mouse pointer

We can use the shortcut key Ctrl+H to hide the mouse pointer when showing slides.


What a simple and practical skill! Did you get it?

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