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Unleash Your Creativity with WPS AI - for Mobile

July 31, 2023

In this latest version of WPS Office, we are thrilled to introduce three game-changing AI features that will revolutionize the way you work with documents. With our PDF Reader, AI Writer functionalities, and Voice Interaction, we have taken document processing and creation to new heights, offering an unparalleled user experience and productivity. Next, I'll provide a brief review of these three AI features to explore their capabilities in greater detail.

WPS Office + WPS AI
  •  PDF Reader: This powerful tool is designed to enhance your document reading experience by providing quick extraction, precise information location, and insightful summarization.

  • AI Writer: Provides dozens of writing scenarios, whether it's brainstorming, meeting summaries, social posts, sales emails. With just one command, it can help you generate a professional article and can also assist in enhancing, embellishing, and modifying existing text.

  • Voice Interaction: Breaking the limitations of mobile device screens, simply speak your question directly to the AI without manually entering text. Make handheld office tasks easier.

AI PDF Reader: Get a summary and insights in a second

We find that people often spend a lot of time reading documents, summarizing and refining key information. From now, we will leave this kind of work to AI!

Open PDF file,Click on"Start reading with smart insight".


  • It generate summaries of entire PDF files and break them into easy-to-read sections. The AI is reliable and every response has a cited source.

  • For every summarized session, copy with one click and easily navigate back to the original content.


  • AI actively suggests three relevant questions related to the document, helping users delve deeper into the content and gain deeper insights. You can also free to ask the AI questions.

inquiry (2).png


AI Writer for Docs: let AI handle your first draft

Say goodbye to the frustration of staring at that empty page, and let AI Writer unleash your writing potential. WPS AI can assist you in various scenarios such as brainstorming, to-do lists, working emails, social media posts, and more. The possibilities are endless.

After experiencing it firsthand, I must say it's truly fantastic!

Here's how to use it?

  • Firstly, the content generated by AI is highly professional and can be used directly in formal work with minimal modifications, which is incredibly helpful for workplace newcomers.

  • Secondly, AI automatically adjusts the layout and formatting based on the chosen scene, including font size, paragraph structure, and bold text. It takes care of all these aspects for you.

  • Thirdly, AI allows you to choose where to insert the generated text within the document, whether it's before or after a specific paragraph, or even as a replacement or copy of existing content.

  • Lastly, AI can directly generate modifications to the existing content, such as making it longer or shorter, changing the formatting, or optimizing the language style.

This feature is not yet available for ios

Now, let's briefly evaluate a few common writing scenarios to showcase the practicality of AI's writing abilities.

Outline: Before starting to write, a detailed outline can help express ideas clearly and avoid repeated revisions caused by a messy article structure.
👉Example: WPS Office User Growth Plan 2023

Writer AI (4).png

Meeting agenda: Every time a meeting is held, the meeting agenda is like a running account. The text tends to be long and difficult to focus on, resulting in ineffective meeting minutes.
👉Example: WPS AI Advocacy Program

Job Description: A well-crafted job description not only attracts talented individuals to the position but also serves as a benchmark for assessing your qualifications as an HR professional.
👉Example: UI Designer

Writer AI (3).png

Custom: If this AI doesn't provide you with the writing scenario you need, you are free to ask the AI to write the way you want.
👉Example: "I am good at designing and drawing, please help me generate my resume."

Writer AI (2).png

There are plenty more writing scenarios for you to explore, so come and give them a try!


Voice Interaction: Free your hands.

In the past, using WPS Office on cell phones, due to the limitations of the screen size, mobile office is always not flexible enough.Now, with support for voice input WPS AI, mobile creation becomes easier, you only need to long press the phone microphone icon, just say your instructions, Save time for keyboard input.



WPS Office has always been committed to providing users with efficient and simple office solutions. We constantly optimize and update WPS Office AI features and experiences based on the latest industry AI technology, as well as user needs and feedback. In the near future, we will release more AI features to enhance your work productivity!

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