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How to Group Data in Excel Using WPS Office?(A Step-By-Step Guide)

April 25, 2024

Organizing large data sets can be a challenge, but one effective method is to group related information together. Grouping helps you manage your data more efficiently, making it easier to understand and less cluttered. This approach not only makes your data more organized but also streamlines analysis and reporting. In this article, we'll provide a step-by-step guide on how to group data in Excel using WPS Office, ensuring that your information is neatly arranged and ready for further analysis.

How to Group Data in Excel Using WPS Office

How to Group Data in WPS Office?

Handling data in Excel is an important skill to master, and grouping data is a crucial aspect of it. Learning how to group data in Excel using WPS Office enables better organization and management of data. So, let's see how we can group rows or columns in WPS Office.

Step 1: Begin by opening your Excel file in WPS Office to initiate the necessary modifications.

Step 2: Once the file is open, highlight the cells you intend to group together. For instance, in our demonstration, we will group the first 12 rows while excluding the header row.

In WPS Office, select the cells to be grouped

Step 3: After selecting the cells, navigate to the "Data" tab located in the ribbon.

Step 4: Subsequently, click on the "Group" button within the Data ribbon, prompting the appearance of the Group dialog box.

Locate and click the "Group" button in the Data ribbon

Step 5: Within the Group dialog box, users are presented with the option to choose between "Rows" or "Columns", select the desired option and press "OK".

Choose the "Rows" or “Columns” option to group data

And there you have it! Your desired data has now been successfully grouped together using WPS Office.

How to Ungroup Data in WPS Office?

Similar to grouping, users can easily ungroup their rows or columns in Excel using WPS Office, and that too very easily.

Step 1: Begin by opening the Excel sheet in WPS Office in which you need to ungroup data.

Step 2: Use your cursor to select the cells that have been grouped together.

Select cells to ungroup in WPS Office

Step 3: To ungroup data in WPS Office, navigate to the "Data" tab located in the ribbon.

Step 4: Next, click on the "Ungroup" button within the Data ribbon to open the Ungroup options.

Locate and click the "Ungroup" button in the Data ribbon

Step 5: Within the Ungroup dialog, choose "Rows"or “Columns” and then click "OK".

WPS Office ungrouping data

Note: Users can also use the shortcut key "SHIFT + ALT + LEFT Arrow" to ungroup data in WPS Office.

Ungrouping data can be useful at times, and using WPS Office makes the ungrouping process a lot simpler. Additionally, with the clean interface of WPS Spreadsheet, data visualization is also quite effective.

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How to Collapse Data in WPS Office? (Expanded)

Collapsing data enhances users' data handling skills. It allows them to keep the data they need on the interface while easily hiding the data that is not currently necessary to display, with just one click. This helps enhance focus and ensures a cleaner interface for your data. WPS Office provides two unique ways to collapse data in Excel files, and we'll explore both of these methods. In our example, we will learn how to collapse rows in WPS Office, and with similar steps, users can also collapse columns.

Method 1: Click the button on the left

The first method is simple: single-click the button in the rows header or column header to collapse data immediately.

Step 1: Open your spreadsheet and look at the left side. Those numbers next to each row are called row headers.

Step 2: Spot the Grouped Rows: If some of your rows are grouped together, you'll see a thicker line next to those row numbers in the row headers.

Step 3: Click the minus (-) sign at the end of the thick line in the row headers. This hides the details of the grouped rows, giving you a cleaner view.

WPS Office collapsing rows using the Row header

Step 4: To see the hidden details again, click the plus (+) sign that appears in place of the minus sign after collapsing the group.

WPS Office expanding rows using the Row header

Method 2: Collapse data on the toolbar

In the second method, we can easily collapse our data using the Data tab.

Step 1: In WPS Office, find the "Data" tab on the top ribbon and click "Hide Details". This will instantly collapse any grouped rows in your spreadsheet.

WPS Office collapsing rows using the Data tab

Step 2: To see the hidden details again, simply click "Show Details" in the same "Data" tab. All your grouped data will reappear.

WPS Office expanding rows using the Data tab

Collapsing rows is a powerful tool for keeping your spreadsheets organized and easy to read. It allows you to:

  • Hide Unnecessary Details: Temporarily hide data you don't need to see right away, giving you a cleaner view of the bigger picture.

  • Focus on Key Information: Group and collapse rows to highlight the most important data points, making your spreadsheet more user-friendly.

Group Data Using Great Data Processing Tools - WPS Office

The experience of using WPS Office is truly remarkable, especially when you're working with spreadsheets. It's like having the simplicity of a user-friendly tool combined with the power of a comprehensive office suite. This balance makes WPS Office suitable for everyone, from beginners to advanced users. Grouping in WPS Spreadsheet is also incredibly convenient, allowing you to organize data effortlessly.

WPS Spreadsheet

With WPS Office, you get access to a wide range of advanced features without the complexity that typically accompanies professional-grade software. The interface is clean and easy to navigate, so you can find the tools you need without getting lost in a maze of options. This design philosophy extends to grouping data in WPS Spreadsheet, where the process is simple and intuitive. You can quickly organize large sets of information, creating a more manageable view and enhancing your workflow efficiency.

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1. Does collapsing rows modify the original data in the WPS Office?

Collapsing rows in WPS Office only modifies the data's visual presentation without altering its original content. So, when you expand the collapsed rows, you'll see the same unchanged data, making it a convenient way to organize and present information without affecting the content.

2. What are the benefits of grouping data?

Grouping data in spreadsheets using the WPS Office can offer several benefits:

  • Organization: Grouping allows you to categorize and organize related data together, making it easier to find and analyze.

  • Efficiency: It streamlines data navigation, allowing faster analysis and data management, particularly in large datasets.

  • Presentation: Grouped data can be presented more neatly, aiding in clearer and more effective data visualization for reports or presentations.

3. Why choose WPS Office for data management?

WPS Office provides an intuitive interface and robust tools that simplify tasks like grouping, ungrouping, and collapsing rows and columns, making your work more efficient

Organize Your Data with WPS Office

Learning  how to group data in Excel using WPS Office is such a relief, offering an effective way to keep your data organized and your workspace tidy. Now imagine this level of convenience with an even cleaner interface—that's what you get with WPS Office. It's designed to simplify complex tasks, making data organization a breeze. If you're looking for a user-friendly office suite that doesn't skimp on functionality, WPS Office is the perfect choice. Download WPS Office today to experience the convenience firsthand and make your data work more manageable and efficient.

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