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How to make an object disappear after animation in WPS Office Powerpoint

February 25, 2022

Welcome to WPS Official Academy! Are you looking for practical skills used to design anartistic PPT? After reading this free tutorial, you will master how to make an object disappear after animation in WPS Office Powerpoint.

When we elaborate PPT slides, the animation function plays an important role in making the ideas clear and attracting the audience's attention.

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After displaying an object, how can we make it disappear after an animation in WPS Office PowerPoint?

Let's explore step by step now!

lSteps to make an object disappear after animation in WPS Office PowerPoint

1. Open WPS Presentation and locate the object to disappear after operation.

2. Go to the Animation tab, and click the Custom Animation button to activate the pane on the right.

3. Select the desired object, click the Add Effect drop-down button under Custom Animation.

4. In the drop-down menu, choose one animation effect from the Exit category as needed.

Well done! Within the simple 4 steps, we have successfully applied the exit animation effect to make the object disappear in WPS Presentation.

Let's preview the result.

lWhat is WPS Presentation?

WPS Presentation is a module of the powerful WPS Office suite, which is regarded as the best alternative to Microsoft Office suite. In addition to abundant PPT templates, WPS Presentation provides hundreds of practical features, including animations, transitions, slide show and so on, for you to customize your PPT design.

lTo master more techniques beautifying your PPT slides in WPS Office PowerPoint

After mastering how to make an object disappear after animation in WPS Office Powerpoint, you're sure to be interested in more skills about animations in WPS Presentaion.

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Free download WPS Office to customize your PPT design. WPS Presentation training courses of modifying PowerPoint theme, adding elements, mixing and matching colors and fonts make your presentation more popular. Learn all about skills of using PPT in WPS Office.

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