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How to Split a Table in Word

June 27, 2023

Tables are an essential part of any document, be it a report, thesis, or even a simple letter. They help in presenting information in an organized and easy-to-understand manner. However, there may be instances when you need to know how to split a table in Word to make it more manageable or to move a portion of the table to a different location.

Splitting a table in Word can be a bit tricky if you don't know how to do it. Fortunately, Microsoft Word provides several ways how to split a table in Word into smaller parts. 

WPS Office is a famous alternative to Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 or 2019, offering similar features and functionality. One of the essential features of any word-processing software is the ability to work with tables. Tables help to organize data, make it easy to read, and present information in a structured manner. However, there may be instances when you need how to split a table in word WPS Office to manage the data more effectively.

Steps to split a table in word

Here are the steps on how to split a table in word WPS Office:

Step 1

Open the document that contains the table you want to split.

Step 2

Select the entire table by clicking on the table's border.

Step 3

Click on the "Table Tools" tab on the top toolbar.

Step 4

In the "Table Tools" tab, click on the "Layout" tab.

Step 5

Locate the "Split Table" button in the "Merge" section and click on it.

Step 6

In the "Split Table" dialog box, select the number of rows or columns you want to split the table into.

Step 7

Select your desired option of splitting by row or by column option and then Click "OK" to split the table.

You have now successfully split the table into multiple parts. You can repeat these steps to split any other tables in your document. By following these steps for other tables in the document you can also how to split a table in Word online or offline for free of cost.



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More about how to split a table in Word WPS

Splitting a table in Word using WPS Office has several advantages compared to other word processing software. Firstly, WPS Office is a free and lightweight alternative to Microsoft Office, making it more accessible to users who may not have the budget or need a full-featured office suite. Secondly, the user interface in WPS Office is intuitive and easy to use, allowing users on how to split tables in word quickly and efficiently. Finally, WPS Office supports a wide range of file formats, making it easy to collaborate with others who may be using different software.

WPS Office offers a wide range of built-in templates and tools to create professional-looking documents, including tables. The software allows for easy customization of tables with a variety of formatting options, such as borders, shading, and text alignment. Overall, WPS Office is a great option for anyone who needs to work with tables in their documents, offering a simple, free, and efficient solution and the best part are you can use this on Android, mac and Linux also.

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