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Tips for better Sheets Printing with less efforts in WPS Sheets

May 17, 2024

Excel Sheets serve various crucial purposes, from budget planning to data analysis and countless other texts. And it’s imperative that our sheets are well-organized. However, we always encounter an issue that our carefully made sheets results in an unexpected mess after printing out. This article aims to give you several tips for better and effective sheets printing in WPS Sheets.

Tip 1 Printing Headings or Titles on Every Page

You can freeze the top row and column to scroll to any part of the sheet with them still visible on the sheet when working in Excel. However, very regretfully, sometimes the freezing option doesn’t work as you print the sheet. Here are time-saving solutions for you in WPS Sheets!

Go to Page Layout> Print Titles, then fill in your Rows to repeat at top, you can find headings or titles on every page in printing version.

Tip 2 Printing a Sheet with Gridlines

You may have noticed that sometimes, the gridlines on your sheet disappear after printing, leaving your sheet looking messy and lacking structure. Fear not! Here are simple and effective solutions to ensure that gridlines remain visible during the printing process in WPS Sheets.

Go to Page Layout> Print Gridlines, and just click on the checkbox next to the Print Gridlines, you will now see gridlines displayed in your printing version.

Tip 3 Printing a Sheet on a Specified Number of Pages

At times, you may find that after printing the sheet is either compact in one page or spread out page limitations. Here in WPS Sheets, you can customize the printing process to feet your need by setting specified number of pages!

Go to Page Layout> Print Preview> Print Setting, then find Pages Per Sheet, you can choose suitable pages for your sheet. You can also click more to customize the number of pages at your will.

What’s more, if you hope to print a sheet on one page with the least time, you can go to Page Layout> Page Zoom, then click Fit Sheet on One Page.

Tip 4 Printing Selected Cells in Sheets

It’s  easy for you to print the entire sheet since it’s set by default. However, varying on your work, you may want to print selected cells in the sheet. Here are easy tips for your efficient and precise printing in WPS Sheets.

Go to Page Layout> Print Area> Set Print Area, then you can left click to select the area you want to print.

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