Discovering a New Office Experience with WPS (2024)

November 6, 2023

Refreshed Design Style, More User-Friendly Interface Logic

Compared to the WPS Office 2019 version, WPS Office 2023 has undergone visual experience enhancements. The new version maintains the WPS design style while optimizing the visual effect and usability logic through adjustments in layout and modular design. This makes it easier for users to quickly master the software with minimal learning effort.

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Enhanced WPS PDF with More Features

More editing tools

Now you have more editing tools, allowing you to embed video and audio files within PDF documents. This is especially useful for enhancing sales presentations, product manuals, or meeting materials, making your products or services more appealing and effectively conveying information while capturing the reader's attention.

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Certificate Signing

We've added PDF certificate signing functionality, addressing the need for security and legality in signing contracts. After each signature, the document cannot be altered, ensuring the integrity and legality of your contracts.

Interactive Forms

PDF now supports interactive forms, which can recognize form content, highlight fields that need to be filled out, and allow you to input information directly without the inconvenience of inserting text boxes.

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Welcome to the Era of Intelligent Office with WPS AI

WPS aims to help you achieve better work efficiency in less time. Now, you can use AI assistants in Docs and PDFs to tackle some of the mundane, basic tasks, freeing up your mind to focus on more important matters.


AI Writer - help you writer

WPS AI understands your commands and comprehends the text you provide, making it versatile for various writing needs. Say goodbye to staring at a blinking cursor—simply select the appropriate writing scenario from the operation panel, add key points and topics, and you'll have a high-quality article generated in just a few seconds.

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AI Writer - help you improve

WPS AI can optimize your existing content, expand upon it, polish it, check for spelling and grammar errors, and adjust text styles and formats. In urgent situations, AI can genuinely assist us in completing tasks more swiftly.

AI PDF Reader

In PDFs, AI can help you quickly digest complex and challenging documents, such as financial reports or academic papers, by extracting key information and providing citations reliably.

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In the future, we will introduce more AI functionalities, such as data analysis automation and automated presentation document creation. We will also continue refining our existing AI features to provide you with an even better user experience.


Streamline Your Collaborative Work with AirPage

AirPage is an online document collaboration tool designed for both individuals and teams. It features a clean and user-friendly interface, making it easy to use, while offering seamless sharing and real-time collaboration capabilities. This online document collaboration tool is perfect for product managers, event organizers, IT professionals, and corporate teams. 

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How to update to the latest version

If you haven't experienced these features yet or are still using the 2019 version's interface, we strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version to enjoy the convenience of enhanced productivity!

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