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How to Highlight in Word Using WPS Office? (6 Easy Methods)

February 2, 2024

You've created a document, and now you want to enhance it by emphasizing key points, making it visually appealing and ensuring that specific areas grab the reader's attention. Just like using a colorful highlighter on a printed paper, you can achieve the same effect by highlighting in your digital document. This guide will walk you through how to highlight in Word using WPS Office, offering a simple yet effective method to make your document stand out.

How to Highlight in Word Using WPS Office

Method 1: Using Text Highlight Color

Highlighting important text in documents can enhance readability and draw attention to critical information. You can easily and efficiently highlight words in your Word documents using WPS Office. This guide will walk you through the process, ensuring that you can make your important content stand out effectively.

Step 1: Select the text you want to highlight.

Step 2: Navigate to the Home tab and click on the Text Highlighter Color icon.

WPS Writer Text Highlighter Color

Step 3: As you click on the Text Highlighter icon, the preselected color will be used to highlight your text.

WPS Writer highlight text

Step 4: If you wish to change the color, simply click on the small arrow on the Text Highlighter color icon to expand the range of colors to choose from.

WPS Writer Highlighter Color options

Note: WPS Office allows users to assign custom highlight shortcuts to highlight text in their Word documents.

Method 2: Change Text Color

Changing the color of the font is another effective way to highlight text and emphasize important content. This step-by-step guide will show you how to easily change the font color in your document using WPS Office, allowing you to bring attention to specific information without using the traditional highlighter pen.

Step 1: Select the text you want to modify the color for.

Step 2: After selecting the text, go to the Home tab and click the arrow next to the Text Color icon. After you click, you will see many different colors.

WPS Writer Text Color icon

Step 3: If the given colors don't match your preference, click on "More Font Colors". This option allows you to customize your font color according to your liking.

WPS Writer More Text Color options

Method 3: Using the Text Effects

If you're looking to make your text stand out in a creative and eye-catching way, using Text Effects is the perfect solution. This guide will walk you through the simple steps of adding effects like glow, shadow, or even creating a three-dimensional appearance to your text in just a few clicks using WPS Office.

Step 1: Select the text where you want to apply text effects.

Step 2: Click on the Text Effects icon in the Home tab. Various options like Glow, WordArt, or Shadow will appear in the drop down menu upon clicking the icon.

WPS Writer Text Effect icon

Step 3: Choose the effect you want to apply from the available options.

WPS WriterText effect options

Step 4: If the provided effects do not meet your preferences, click on "More Text Effects" options to customize your text.

WPS Writer More Text effects

Step 5: A formatting side panel will open on the right, where users can customize the text effects.

WPS Writer Customize Text Effects

Change the shadow, reflection, or glow of your text. You can also explore 3D formatting options.

Method 4: Use Pen to Draw

Next on the list, we have the Highlighter Pen option to highlight text in WPS Writer. Let's have a look at how you can use it:

Step 1: To access the Pen Tool, navigate to the Student Tools on the top menu bar, and then click on the "Draw" option.

WPS Writer Draw Tool

Step 2: Here you will find various pens such as the shape pen, watercolor pen, highlighter pen, and ballpoint pen in the Draw tab ribbon menu.

Step 3: Choose the Highlighter pen if you wish to highlight your text.

WPS Writer Highlighter pen

Note: If you accidentally highlight the wrong text, you can use the eraser to remove the highlight.

Step 4: Optionally, you can change the color of your highlighter pen. Various color options are available to choose from in the Draw tab.

WPS Writer Highlighter pen colors

Step 5: If none of the standard colors suits you, choose "More Colors" from the drop-down menu and customize the color to your liking.

WPS Writer Highlighter pen more color options

Method 5: Add Text Shading

Add a touch of sophistication to your text with shading. Follow this simple guide to effortlessly enhance the visual appeal of your document. It is so easy that it might as well be a shortcut to highlight your text in WPS Office.

Step 1: Select the text you want to shade in your WPS Writer document.

Step 2: Go to the Home tab and choose the Shading icon. When you click on it, your selected text will be shaded with the preset shading color.

WPS Writer Shading Tool

Step 3: To change the color of your shading, simply click the arrow on the Shading icon to view more default color options. If you want a custom color, click on "More Colors".

WPS Writer More Shading Colors

Note: Don't be confused with the Character Shading tool in WPS Writer. This tool is effective for simply shading the text, but it doesn't offer color options, and its shading effects are quite different compared to the Shading tool.

WPS Writer Character Shading vs Shading Tool

Notice the difference between shading and highlighting? The major difference is that shading includes even the space between paragraphs or lines, whereas highlighting does not. From this, it can be seen that the Text Highlight Color is more suitable for marking individual words or short sentences, while Shading is more suitable for marking long paragraphs.

WPS Writer Text Highlighter Color vs. Shading Tool

Method 6: Underline Text

Last on the list is underlining your text to make it stand out from the rest of your document. While not the ideal highlighting solution, it can be used in professional settings where colors might disrupt the overall look of the document.

Step 1: To underline your text, go to the Home tab and click on the Underline icon.

WPS Writer Underline icon

WPS Writer Underline icon

Step 2: A single click will apply the preset line style, underlining your text.

Step 3: Click on the small arrow in the underline icon to expand the different underline dropdown menu.

WPS Write Underline Options

WPS Write Underline Options

Step 4: WPS Office provides various default line styles available in the underline dropdown menu.

WPS Writer Underline options

WPS Writer Underline options

Step 5: If you desire a custom underline, click on "More underlines".

WPS Writer More Underlines

WPS Writer More Underlines

Step 6: A new Font dialog will pop up. In the "All text" section, users can choose a different underline style in the "Underline style" field. Users also have the option to change the line color in the “Underline Color” field.

WPS Writer Font dialog box

WPS Writer Font dialog box

Step 7: If you wish to change only the underline color, click on the Underline Color option and select a different color for your underline from the flyout menu.

Which Method to use?




Text Highlighter Color

Quick and easy, enhances readability.

Limited to individual words or short sentences.

Text Color

Provides color variation for emphasis.

May not be suitable for extensive highlighting.

Text Effects

Adds creative and eye-catching effects.

May not suit formal document styles.


Allows freehand highlighting.

Limited precision.

Text Shading

Adds sophistication to text.

Includes space between paragraphs.


Professional look, suitable for formal documents.

Limited emphasis compared to other methods.

WPS Writer Highlight Method Comparison

The Best Text Tool for Working and Learning - WPS Writer

Highlighting is a great, if not essential, feature; chances are you've either used a highlighter or come across highlighted documents.  The crucial aspect is that highlighting allows you to focus on specific areas of content, which is beneficial for anyone. WPS Office, as an office suite, integrates this feature seamlessly into tools like Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and even PDF, simplifying the process without the need to change document formats.

WPS Writer

WPS Writer

From personal experience, WPS Office stands out as an accessible and user-friendly tool, meeting everyone's needs with its easy-to-use features. The best part is, it's entirely free, with minimal compatibility concerns, making it a reliable choice for various users.

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Q1. Does batch highlighting affect formatting in large documents?

Employing batch highlighting in the WPS Office for extensive documents does not affect the document's formatting. This feature is designed to uphold a professional and efficient document editing experience, ensuring that the structure and appearance of your content remain consistent and orderly even when working on large projects.

Q2. Why should I use the WPS Office for highlighting in Word instead of other applications?

WPS Office is an ideal tool for highlighting in Word due to its user-friendly design and multiple highlighting methods. The interface is easy to navigate, and you can use features like Text Highlight Color, Shading, and even the Pen tool. For example, if you want to emphasize an important point or short sentences, you can use Text Highlight Color, while Shading is handy for highlighting larger sections or paragraphs. This variety makes WPS Office a convenient choice for enhancing your Word documents with different highlighting techniques.

Q3. Can I highlight text in tables in the WPS Office?

Yes, you can highlight text in tables in the WPS Office. This feature enhances the visibility of crucial information, making it easier to understand important information in your tables.

Professional Documenting Experience With WPS Office

Highlighting is such an important aspect of the documentation process, whether you're the sending or receiving end of the collaboration. At some point, you'll find the highlight tool crucial for making your document more readable or for collaborative editing. Few office suites compare to the capabilities of WPS Office, offering smart and useful features that are user-friendly and free of cost, where it's so easy to learn how to highlight in word using WPS Office. Download WPS Office now for a seamless and efficient documentation experience.

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