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How to Print an Excel Spreadsheet with Lines in WPS Office

November 3, 2023

Do you often work with data in Excel spreadsheets? When it comes time to print out your spreadsheet, the missing gridlines can make it hard to read the data. Printing gridlines in your Excel sheet ensures clarity and organization when sharing printed spreadsheets. However, the default print settings in Excel don't include gridlines. If you use WPS Office for your Excel needs, here's a quick guide to printing spreadsheets with gridlines for a professional printout.

How to Print an Excel Spreadsheet with Gridlines in WPS Office?

Printing an Excel spreadsheet with gridlines is useful for creating a printout that is easy to read and reference. Here are the steps to print gridlines in WPS Spreadsheet:

Step 1: Launch WPS Office, choose WPS Spreadsheet, and open the Excel spreadsheet you want to print.

“Open a spreadsheet in WPS Office”

Step 2: Open Print Preview by following these steps: Menu > Print > Print Preview.

“Open Print Preview in WPS Office”

Step 3: In the Print Settings panel, check the box Gridlines in the View section.

“ How to enable Gridlines printing in WPS spreadsheet”

Step 4: The gridlines are now visible on the spreadsheets. Additionally, you can also set the page orientation, paper size, margins, and other settings in the Print Settings pane.

“Gridlines enabled in WPS spreadsheet”

Step 5: When ready, click the Print (or Enter) button to print your spreadsheet with gridlines.

“Print spreadsheet in WPS Office”

And that's it! With just a few clicks, you can print Excel spreadsheets from WPS Office with gridlines for enhanced readability. The printed gridlines make it easy to visualize data relationships in the spreadsheet.

Problems with Gridlines Printing

When printing gridlines in WPS Office, users may encounter various problems. Some of the most common problems include:

Grid lines are not printing at all

To resolve this problem, users should ensure that the grid lines option is enabled in the print settings, check for any conflicting formatting or cell borders, and verify that the selected print area covers the range of cells with grid lines.

Grid lines are printing too faintly.

This can be caused by several factors, such as the printer or print cartridge being low on ink or the printer heads being dirty. To resolve this problem, users should try using a different printer or print cartridge or clean the printer heads.

Gridlines are printed outside of the printable area.

This can be caused by the grid line margins being set too large in the print settings or the page orientation being set to portrait when the worksheet is wider than it is tall. To resolve this problem, users should reduce the grid line margins in the Print Settings or change the page orientation to landscape.

If users still have problems printing grid lines in WPS Office, they should consult the WPS Office support website or contact WPS Office support for assistance.


  • For a quicker process, you can immediately enable the Print Gridlines option right under Page Layout tab.

“Print Gridlines option”

  • Ensure the grid lines are visible on the screen before you print. To do this, click the View tab and check the Gridlines checkbox.

“Enable gridlines visibility”

  • Use the Print Preview feature to preview your printout before you print it. This will help you to identify any problems with the gridlines or other aspects of your printout.

Why Choose WPS Office for Your Work?

“WPS Office’s logo”

WPS Office is a great free alternative to Microsoft Office with full compatibility. Here are some of its advantages:

  • Cross-platform - Works equally well on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

  • Free to use - No license fees or subscription required

  • Lightweight - Uses less system resources than bloated Office

  • Supports major formats - Open and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs easily

  • Cloud connectivity - Seamlessly sync and share docs through cloud storage

  • Regular updates - Actively developed with new features and security fixes

  • Advanced AI features - Offers content generation, summarization, data analysis, and chatbot features.

For home users and small businesses, WPS Office provides all the essential features you need for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations – all at no cost. The smooth compatibility, light footprint, and reliability make it a great choice over paid options.

How to Download WPS Office for Free?

Downloading and installing WPS Office takes just a few minutes:

Step 1: Go to the official WPS Office website: https://www.wps.com/.

Step 2: Click on Free Download.

“Free download WPS office”

Step 3: The installer file will download. Double-click to run it.

“Open WPS office installer”

Step 4: Click Install Now, and the setup will guide you to install WPS Office on your system. Leave the default options enabled.

“Install WPS office for free”

Step 5: After installation, you can launch WPS Office apps from the Start menu like any other program.

“Open WPS Office from Start menu”

WPS Office presents a compelling alternative to Microsoft Office with its pros. This software is available for various operating systems, offering versatility across devices. The free version, WPS Standard, caters to basic office and study needs, supporting 47 document formats and providing 1 GB of free storage.

“WPS Office compatibility”

WPS Office's compatibility with multiple file formats, free basic version, and reasonable pricing make it particularly suitable for individuals and small businesses with essential office requirements. It offers a viable choice for those who prioritize cost-effectiveness and cross-platform accessibility.

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Can I print only a specific part of the Excel spreadsheet with lines in WPS Office?

Yes, you can select the specific cells or areas you want to print with gridlines by adjusting the print area under Page Setup before printing.

Is it possible to print in color in WPS Office?

Yes, WPS Office allows color printing. Users can find this option in the Print/Print Preview dialogue box to print your spreadsheet in color. This is useful for charts, graphs, and visual printouts.


In this guide, we have shown you how to print gridlines in Excel spreadsheets in WPS Office. By enabling the print gridlines option in the Print settings, you can easily add gridlines to your printouts. If you have any issues with faint, missing, or cutoff gridlines, you can adjust the spreadsheet and print settings to troubleshoot the problem.

WPS Office is a reliable, free alternative to Excel offering cross-platform compatibility, a light footprint, and easy cloud connectivity. You can download and install WPS Office for free on Windows, Mac, and mobile, and use it to easily open, edit, and print Excel files with gridlines.

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