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How to use SnapReader feature?

July 20, 2023

SnapReader is an AI-powered document scanning and analysis feature. By utilizing your phone's camera, you can capture high-quality scans and analyze and extract key information from the scans. It supports continuous shooting for seamless scanning, effortlessly allowing you to capture multiple documents. While generating scans, Snapreader intelligently analyzes and summarizes the graphic information present on the documents, saving you time by providing concise summaries.

Here's how to use SnapReader:

  • Open WPS Office and click the "+" icon to create a new Scanner.
  • The system intelligently identifies the document's content and automatically captures it. You can pause or resume at any time.
  • After the scan is complete, click "Insight" to quickly view a summary of the entire document.
  • Click "Inquiry" to view intelligent recommended questions from WPS AI or ask the AI your own questions freely!

SnapReader Insight & Inquiry

While you take photos, WPS AI engine automatically summarizes and analyzes the content, helping you refine and extract key points quickly.

WPS AI is so reliable that every summary can be checked for the cited source, and when you click on the page number, it will immediately jump to the corresponding page.

Of course you are free to ask the AI questions, it is like your personal assistant, helping you understand the document more efficiently!


Seamless Continuous Shooting

Snapreader allows you to take consecutive shots for seamless scanning, making it easy to capture multiple documents without the need to refocus or click the shoot button frequently. This super smooth shooting experience significantly improves your scanning efficiency.

*Continuous shooting is enabled by default, if you want to turn it off, please go to the top right corner and uncheck "Auto Scan."


Effortless Page Management

Managing scanned documents has never been easier! Simply long-press on a page thumbnail to easily rearrange pages or quickly delete them. Additionally, WPS AI Insight's images come with captions that summarize the content, making it easy to distinguish between them.

Effortless Page Management.png


FAQ about SnaprReader features:

1. In what scenarios might I use this feature?

  • Business Meetings: SnaprReader converts photos of presentation slides and documents into scans, providing text summaries of key points discussed during meetings.

  • Education: Students can snap photos of class notes or textbook pages, and SnaprReader generates scanned and summarized text for efficient studying and exam preparation.

  • Research: SnaprReader helps researchers by converting photos of relevant texts and documents into scans, providing summarized text for easy organization and analysis.

2. What is the maximum number of consecutive photos that can be taken?

Currently, SnaprReader supports taking up to 100 consecutive shots.

3. How do I adjust the magnification of the picture?

To adjust the magnification of the picture, slide your finger at the bottom of the shooting screen to zoom in on the image, up to a maximum of 10X.

4. How do I adjust the brightness of the screen?

In poorly lit environments or at night, you can turn on the shooting fill light effect in SnaprReader to make the scans clearer.

5. How do I turn off the alert sound effect that sounds when I take a photo?

To turn off the alert sound effect, go to the top right corner and uncheck "Shutter Sound."

Snapreader is here to revolutionize your document scanning experience, offering powerful AI capabilities and enhanced functionality, making it a must-have tool for efficient and seamless document management.

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