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Get a sneak peek into upcoming AI features

November 9, 2023

WPS Office has always been committed to providing users with efficient and simple office solutions. We constantly optimize and update WPS Office AI features and experiences based on the latest industry AI technology, as well as user needs and feedback. In the near future, we will release the following AI features that will improve your work efficiency.

AI Document Reader

This powerful tool is designed to enhance your document reading experience by providing quick extraction, precise information location, and insightful summarization. Experience a new level of efficiency as AI Doc Reader allows you to freely ask questions about your documents, and rest assured that each response is supported by citations.

AI Document Reader.png

Snap Reader

Snap Reader is an AI-powered document scanning and analysis feature. With your phone's camera, you can capture high-quality scans and analyze and extract key points from the scans.

It supports continuous shooting for seamless scanning, allowing you to effortlessly capture multiple documents. While generating scans, it analyzes and summarizes the graphic information present on the documents, saving you time by providing concise summaries.

Snap Reader.png

Data Insights

Data Insights helps users quickly analyze data and generate professional data analysis reports. By analyzing your data tables, Data Insights automatically identifies structures and patterns in your data and generates visual analytics, including textual conclusions, summary tables, and charts.

It supports various business scenarios such as sales reports, financial reports, user activity reports, funnel conversion tables, and user feedback tables. Gain valuable insights effortlessly and make data-driven decisions with ease.

Data insight.png


Slide Master

Slide Master can assist you in designing visually appealing slides, even if you lack design experience.

With just a few clicks, WPS AI analyzes your slides and automatically applies professional design principles. Whether you need an educational, commercial, or plan & summary style, it intelligently applies the theme, color scheme, and font that best suit your needs, while also adjusting the layout for optimal visual impact.


Slide Master.png

AI Picture Generator

This powerful tool transforms your text descriptions into visually stunning images and icons. You can provide precise instructions to the AI, guiding it to create images that precisely align with your preferences in terms of color, format, style, and more.

This not only saves you time in searching for suitable visuals but also enhances the overall effectiveness of your presentations.


AI Spell Check

WPS AI's advanced algorithms thoroughly scan your text, detecting grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. It provides real-time suggestions and corrections, ensuring your writing is polished and error-free.

AI Spell checker.png

AI Smart Form

AI Smart Form allows you to generate professional and well-developed questionnaires effortlessly. Simply provide a few key points, the number of questions, and the questionnaire type (quiz, multiple choice, single choice). WPS AI analyzes your inputs and automatically generates a comprehensive questionnaire tailored to your specific needs.

Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of manually crafting questionnaires and say hello to efficient and accurate questionnaire generation.


Stay tuned with WPS AI

These upcoming WPS AI features will further enhance the functionality and user experience of WPS Office, making office tasks easier and more efficient. We are committed to continuous innovation and will strive to offer more features that enhance productivity and performance for our users.

If you encounter problems while trying out WPS AI features, please feel free to contact our customer service email, we will have dedicated colleagues to help you solve your problems.

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